A Moment in the VIllage

Hello everyone, I know I haven’t been good at keeping you guys updated. For this I apologize and will try much harder to blog for you guys. A lot has been going on these last few weeks. It seems there is always something that needs to be done. At the end of May we had our first missions team come and stay with us. It was amazing to be there, watch them grow closer with the Lord, see their lives being spoken into, and having them take the time to speak into mine.

We went to Timbó ( a village along the Amazon River) with the missions team. All I can say is “WHAT AN EXPERIENCE”!  There are so many beautiful children in this village. We got the chance to go and love on all the children( for those of you who know me know that I have a very big heart for kids). On one of the days we got to teach them a game and teach them what it is like to hear the voice of God. Also, we went and walked house to house and just talked and prayed for the families. Nothing makes your heart happier than someone being so welcoming.

My favorite memory was when we were inviting a family to the church for a game and she asked us to come in. I don’t know how to describe this very nicely but we were NASTY! It is the rainy season here so that means lots of mud. We were all covered in mud that we couldn’t get off of our shoes. It was so hot that day we were wet as if we had just gotten out of the shower. I remember very clearly we all just stood and starred at each other. We didn’t know what to do and we felt bad. She started to open the door and smile at us. I know for me at that moment I knew that was where God called us to be at that exact moment. I said ” We are very dirty and muddy” She said ” It is okay. I will clean later”. As we walked in there I could see little kids starting to slowly come out of their room. I was amazed by the love in that house. When we prayed for this women the kids gathered around and closed their eyes. Heart touching moment!

God is good and is always showing His love for us. We just have to open our eyes and see His love.

Other than that we have been at the church a lot and working on our house. Plus,learning the language is a daily job. I know that God will bless us all with the language quickly ❤

Love you all SO much!

Amo vocês MUITO

Kenna ❤



First Mission Trip

Hello! It has been awhile since I have blogged.  I just got back from an amazing journey.  My first missions trip was a success. I went to Tijuana,Mexico March 11th.  I was invited to join Gods’ Glory Tabernacle international on this trip.

While we were in Tijuana we got to do some amazing things. We started the week off with going to the dumps and painting a play set for all the kids and some kids even got to help us. We gave the parents food for their families and prayed over them. There were many who really wanted prayer and we did not let the language difference get in the way of that. Once we were done painting all the kids were home from school and we had kids jumping on us. They were so happy to have people who wanted to give them attention. They aren’t use to getting the attention that they need.

Another amazing thing we did while we were there was going to the orphanage. We woke up early one morning and got a bunch of gifts together. We headed out towards the orphanage to spend the day. The boys were outside playing and climbing on their play ground in their back yard. The boys showed me how to climb up ( since they didn’t have plain stairs) when I finally got up there,five minutes later,   the kids showed me how to slide. They are so use to playing outside they invent new things so it never gets boring. They were working on jumping over a piece of wood and landing on the slide.

The girls were a little more girly which is normal and stayed inside most of the time. We went inside and played with the girls and braided their hair. Then they decided they wanted to do our hair…..very tightly hahaha. They had a little boy Juan who was the cutest thing. We had lunch with the kids and gave them all their gifts and everyone was very happy. They all gave hugs and told us good-bye.

It was nice to be able to love and play with the kids in both the dumps and the orphanage.  This trip was amazing and I can’t wait to see what other journeys God has for me in the future.  That is all I have for now

Love you all,

Kenna ❤

I Know That I Know That I Know

Hello friends,

Much has been on my mind lately, and I want to share a bit of it with you. I hope it forms into something that brings glory to the Lord.

My mind has been chewing on the word “favor” for a while now. The Christian culture likes to throw it around for things like good parking spots, cheap tickets, and job promotions. Every time I hear the word, I feel a quickening and my spirit checking out the situation.  I know we have the favor of God in our lives. I know God has great things/plans for us and puts us in strategic places. I also know we should not try to incorporate the favor God has for us into defining worldly goods or ideals.  This internal emotional journey I have been on with this idea of favor brought about a reflection of a time God spoke clearly to me.

It was in 2007 and the Betts family was enjoying a quiet evening at home.  Jason came into the living room and told me, “You need to read Mark chapter 5, I don’t know why, but God just told me to tell you to read this chapter.” I love God, Jason, and reading so I’m in, and I read the scripture.

If you are not familiar with this passage, it is about Jesus driving out demons from a possessed man.  The demons beg Jesus to drive put them in a herd of pigs in the area, and after He drives the demons into the pigs the pigs all go jump off a cliff and die.  (That is the gist. You will have to read Mark Chapter 5 for the full story.)

Back to 2007, I read this passage and I felt in my spirit God telling me that the demons died with the pigs. They were gone, never to come back. They were not going to bother this man again. I knew God was telling me that Jason was His for good. Jason would/will follow the Lord for the rest of his life. The demons are gone, and he will not be pulled away from God again.

Jason looked at me and said “you got all that from this passage?”  Yes, yes I did. It was very clear to me and I know that I know that I know this is what the Lord said.

In the last seven years, we have been through some stuff. Some stuff that God knew was going to happen. Some stuff that would blow your mind, some stuff that a good imagination could not even make up, you know that kind of stuff.  Stuff that Jason needed to lead us through. Hello?!, we are living through stuff that he needs to lead us through. And, I always have this moment to fall back on and focus me. This moment when God spoke directly to my heart and assured me.

Yesterday, during some powerful worship in the truck, God spoke to me and showed me this moment we shared. He showed me that He directs us, He leads us, He loves us, He shares intimate  moments with us….Then it hit me. This is the true favor of God. The steady rock of truth that He is, and the intimate ways He loves us.

To sum it up. God gives us favor with sweet moments spent with Him, and clear knowledge to feel calm and peace when a storm may rage.  True favor brings glory to God.

With a personal testimony, that I am not sure I have shared before (or not with many), God gave me a revelation which pushed me forward into a personal spiritual break through.

Lots of words for “I learned something.” 🙂

I hope this blesses someone. Be strong in what you know God has told you.  Consider it favor to be in His presence.

Thank you Lord.




Abornormal? I Think Not

Everyone has pet peeves…. at least a few things that just drive you crazy! There are three things that really bother me. The first would be when people click their pens! Second would be when a song comes on that I really like and Ellie starts talking! Like, are you serious right now? Can you not tell that I am jamming out over here??? Anyways…. and thirdly when someone is going through a hard time in their life, but yet they will not tell anyone.  They just want to keep it to themselves.

I have realized that the things that bother us when others do them are the things that we do and do not notice. ( I like to click my pens!)

For example when people sin… We get caught up in all the wrong that others are doing and the mistakes that they make that we don’t look at our life and what we are doing. We all have sinned! We can not judge people, because yes some sins are smaller than others, but in Gods book they are all still labeled SIN.

The thing is that we don’t like people praying for us, because then it shows that we are not perfect and we are struggling. The truth of that matter is that when there are ten people praying and crying out for you there is more of a chance that change will happen. Don’t take that wrong though, God does hear you every time that you pray. Don’t ever second guess that, but when people are crying out for you because they love you and care for you then God will hear all of them and not just you crying out.

Asking for prayer doesn’t mean that you are crazy or abnormal! It means that you are normal, because everyone has their ups and downs and with God you will make it through it . So remember that when you pray that you are speaking power no matter who you are praying for God is hearing it and understanding that you are crying out to Him.

Te amo


Thinking……. that can be scary! Me and mom have a conversation a lot and it goes like this Me: “Mom I have been thinking!”  Mom: “Well that can be scary!”

I have so much that has been on my mind lately. Honestly, Portuguese is up there, for some reason that is always running in my mind.  Almost everyday I talk to a friend from Brazil and I don’t use Google translate very much anymore. First of all, don’t be thinking I am perfect in my Portuguese, because I am not and I still have much to learn.

Another thing that I think of all the time is of course getting the heck out of this place! Don’t take it personal.  Yes, I love you all and you are great, but “Hello?!”  I got places to be and people to see.  We are running on Jesus’ time though.  Every day here in the United States is great, because we know that we are one day closer to leaving. It is great that we have been here able to see people longer than we have expected. People always preach about going out and teaching the world about God and we will, but they have taught me and will teach us so much while we are there.  I am still young and still have much to learn, but when it comes to God we all have more that we can learn.

I guess what I really want to say is that when you think,  don’t think of all the negatives.  I could do that every day, because there is so much to be scared or worried about;  I am leaving all my family and friends, I am going somewhere that I will have to learn a new language, their culture is very different from ours.  But really,  there is no need to think about the negatives, just focus on the positives!  There is so much good.  God is Good! I will grow as a young person and as a christian. I will be bi-lingual. I will have my mind opened to other cultures and learn there are many correct ways to do things, not just one.

We don’t need to let our minds hold us back.  There is good in everything that we do. God is  in everything we do(:

We need to think like champs!


Philippians 4:8:Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent  or praiseworthy-think about such things.


Te amo,