One Brave Driver and a Nameless Car

Please help me find a name!
Please help me find a name!

Hello! Something really exciting has happened in the Betts’ house. We have added a new member to the family…. Sadly she has not been named yet. Any suggestions ?

Getting our car took FOREVER!!! It seemed that the car did not want to join our family. We were finally blessed with a beautiful silver car that runs like no other. It was hard to get around at first because we were always waiting on other people. It is not always easy when you can not just get in the car and go. I think we all learned that cars are blessings and we are very grateful that we have one now.

Ever since we got our car we have been adventuring. Dad plugs in Virginia Garmin (his little GPS that happens to be smarter than Manaus) and we just find our way around the city. Dad is not scared of the giant city traffic and all the other crazy drivers. He shows off his mad driving skills all the time. Haha good times in Manaus!

Please continue to pray over us learning the language. We are all learning little by little but, in Jesus name we will be blessed with Portuguese.

Love you all sooooo much!

Kenna ❤