Holidays and Birthdays

Hello everyone! It is a wonderfully hot day here in Manaus. This past week I got a yucky virus! It makes it so much worse when it is already so hot here plus a fever. Thank you everyone for the prayers.

Anyways,  this Sunday is Father’s Day here in Brazil. The theater group which I am in will to be preforming for the dads at church. I am getting excited. It is my first time performing in front of the church.

We are still learning the  holidays here. Mother’s Day was in May right after we had arrived.  Last weekend was Mom’s birthday, and because we now have a vehicle, we enjoyed our journey looking for presents for her. Getting to see what kinds of things they have here that are the same and different is entertaining.

Me and a friend of mine found some earring made out of fish scales. They had also made purses and necklaces. I had no idea that you could make such a thing. Brazilians are so creative and crafty. It is the little things that amaze me!  Many of these ladies have been given the art talent and they use this talent to sell their work. I adore Brazilian art!

The next holiday after Father’s Day is my birthday, October 14th!  We shall see if it is celebrated American style or Brazilian style. Brazilians love their birthdays! They go over the top in the way they tell someone happy birthday, and they way they celebrate. I have seen birthday parties here that are fancier than weddings I have been to in the U.S.  Another thing different for me this year is my birthday will not involve pumpkins, straw, or spook houses.  There is no fall here. I would love to actually have a summer birthday party.

And what about Christmas?! We have started planning on how to enjoy old Christmas traditions here in our new location. For example, we can make hot cocoa and then hole up in our bedroom with the air conditioning turned down low! Hahahaha! I can’t wait to share what we actually come up with during the season.

That is all I got you for you guys!

Love Kenna<3


One Brave Driver and a Nameless Car

Please help me find a name!
Please help me find a name!

Hello! Something really exciting has happened in the Betts’ house. We have added a new member to the family…. Sadly she has not been named yet. Any suggestions ?

Getting our car took FOREVER!!! It seemed that the car did not want to join our family. We were finally blessed with a beautiful silver car that runs like no other. It was hard to get around at first because we were always waiting on other people. It is not always easy when you can not just get in the car and go. I think we all learned that cars are blessings and we are very grateful that we have one now.

Ever since we got our car we have been adventuring. Dad plugs in Virginia Garmin (his little GPS that happens to be smarter than Manaus) and we just find our way around the city. Dad is not scared of the giant city traffic and all the other crazy drivers. He shows off his mad driving skills all the time. Haha good times in Manaus!

Please continue to pray over us learning the language. We are all learning little by little but, in Jesus name we will be blessed with Portuguese.

Love you all sooooo much!

Kenna ❤

A Moment in the VIllage

Hello everyone, I know I haven’t been good at keeping you guys updated. For this I apologize and will try much harder to blog for you guys. A lot has been going on these last few weeks. It seems there is always something that needs to be done. At the end of May we had our first missions team come and stay with us. It was amazing to be there, watch them grow closer with the Lord, see their lives being spoken into, and having them take the time to speak into mine.

We went to Timbó ( a village along the Amazon River) with the missions team. All I can say is “WHAT AN EXPERIENCE”!  There are so many beautiful children in this village. We got the chance to go and love on all the children( for those of you who know me know that I have a very big heart for kids). On one of the days we got to teach them a game and teach them what it is like to hear the voice of God. Also, we went and walked house to house and just talked and prayed for the families. Nothing makes your heart happier than someone being so welcoming.

My favorite memory was when we were inviting a family to the church for a game and she asked us to come in. I don’t know how to describe this very nicely but we were NASTY! It is the rainy season here so that means lots of mud. We were all covered in mud that we couldn’t get off of our shoes. It was so hot that day we were wet as if we had just gotten out of the shower. I remember very clearly we all just stood and starred at each other. We didn’t know what to do and we felt bad. She started to open the door and smile at us. I know for me at that moment I knew that was where God called us to be at that exact moment. I said ” We are very dirty and muddy” She said ” It is okay. I will clean later”. As we walked in there I could see little kids starting to slowly come out of their room. I was amazed by the love in that house. When we prayed for this women the kids gathered around and closed their eyes. Heart touching moment!

God is good and is always showing His love for us. We just have to open our eyes and see His love.

Other than that we have been at the church a lot and working on our house. Plus,learning the language is a daily job. I know that God will bless us all with the language quickly ❤

Love you all SO much!

Amo vocês MUITO

Kenna ❤


Can you believe it

Can you believe it? We are actually here in Manaus, Brazil. We have been so busy these past few weeks. The house that we have is beautiful. We have been so blessed with everyone here wanting to help us. The Lord always provides for us.

Some amazing things have already happened since we have been here. The other day, a friend of mine was going to take me home from church when we came across a girl walking alone at night. For those of you that do not know walking here alone at day time is not smart. When it comes to night time no one should be walking at all because its not safe. We noticed she looked really tired (I am pretty sure she was a prostitute) We had cake and pop with us from a birthday party we had just been to. We pulled over and shared this with her and visited for a little while. This reminded me that the Lord puts you in the right place at the right time. There are always opportunities in front of us.

For now we are constantly busy getting settled in to our new home  and helping get the apartment behind us ready for missions teams. When we have church services the nights are long!!!  But, we do get in some free time and we have a fun playing games and getting to know our neighbors.  We have gotten to play baseball and soccer and play tag and all that fun stuff.

That’s all for now

te amo ~ love you

Kenna ❤

First Mission Trip

Hello! It has been awhile since I have blogged.  I just got back from an amazing journey.  My first missions trip was a success. I went to Tijuana,Mexico March 11th.  I was invited to join Gods’ Glory Tabernacle international on this trip.

While we were in Tijuana we got to do some amazing things. We started the week off with going to the dumps and painting a play set for all the kids and some kids even got to help us. We gave the parents food for their families and prayed over them. There were many who really wanted prayer and we did not let the language difference get in the way of that. Once we were done painting all the kids were home from school and we had kids jumping on us. They were so happy to have people who wanted to give them attention. They aren’t use to getting the attention that they need.

Another amazing thing we did while we were there was going to the orphanage. We woke up early one morning and got a bunch of gifts together. We headed out towards the orphanage to spend the day. The boys were outside playing and climbing on their play ground in their back yard. The boys showed me how to climb up ( since they didn’t have plain stairs) when I finally got up there,five minutes later,   the kids showed me how to slide. They are so use to playing outside they invent new things so it never gets boring. They were working on jumping over a piece of wood and landing on the slide.

The girls were a little more girly which is normal and stayed inside most of the time. We went inside and played with the girls and braided their hair. Then they decided they wanted to do our hair…..very tightly hahaha. They had a little boy Juan who was the cutest thing. We had lunch with the kids and gave them all their gifts and everyone was very happy. They all gave hugs and told us good-bye.

It was nice to be able to love and play with the kids in both the dumps and the orphanage.  This trip was amazing and I can’t wait to see what other journeys God has for me in the future.  That is all I have for now

Love you all,

Kenna ❤