What exactly is missions?

IMG_2298Missions, Missionary, Missional….these words seem so “churchy”, or so “in the bush Africa-y”. At least that is what I used to think. I believe many still do.

Hear is what I have come to realize as we live out doing missions work, being missionaries, and being a member of a missional ministry. It means we live our lives focused on taking the Gospel to people. Meeting them right where they are, showing them Jesus in their environment. Not, expecting them to find our church building.

Whether it is at the grocery store, downtown, or 7 hours down the Amazon River, we want people to meet Jesus. We stop trying to be perfect on Sundays and Wednesdays and remember everyday that Jesus makes us righteous. He qualifies us to reveal Him to others.
That little fact still overwhelms and fascinates me.

He qualifies me to represent Him.

He shines through me, even though I am not perfect. He knows all of my imperfections and all of the areas in my life where I still cling too much to my human nature. He still works through me. He loves me, He loves you, He loves each and every person around you, even those poor unfortunate people that have been hit real hard by this world. He loves them more than any of us could. He wants each and every person restored to their true identity in Him.

So in short, being missional just means we dedicate our lives to showing people Jesus and discipling them right where they are, that they may see themselves as Christ sees them. You can do this anywhere there are people.

Missionaries are still real people. We still work through personal issues. We may battle self-esteem, a temper, depression, or that really bad quality of trying to do it all ourselves. The difference is we keep our focus on reaching people and showing them Jesus.

What does missions, missionary, or missional mean to you?


Love you & God Bless you

Amanda Joy


Freaky False Cognates


A neat thing I have been learning about in Portuguese is that a lot of words sound similar or look the same. For example, the word animal is the same in English and Portuguese. This is called a cognate.

But let me tell you some of them are not.  It is freaky! Like, delito does not mean delight. It means crime. This is called a false cognate.

I have also learned about suffixes.  They have similar suffixes to English.  English has “an” and Portuguese has “ano”.    For example, American and Americano.


Elise’s first blog post. We are using this as part of her Portuguese curriculum. It reinforces her learning as well as lets us document this part of our journey into the mission field. – Amanda

The Summit is Coming!

The summit is coming, the summit is coming!


The Abolition Summit 2014- Exodus Cry- August 6th-8th- be there or be square.

While we are still waiting here in the States,  an entire movement has activated in Brazil. The Liberdade Movement. Liberdade means Freedom. This movement of prayer and outreach is bringing freedom to those entrapped in a vicious snare of human trafficking; slavery.  Our family has been praying and keeping ourselves updated with this movement (And if I am honest I am a little jealous we have not gotten to participate yet). I am so proud of our church in Brazil throwing themselves into this ministry. They are learning, praying, participating, and reaching out all for the glory of the Lord.

The words of God given to the church, “The same hands lifted in worship, extended to help”, have come to life yet again. Hallelujah!!

In a few weeks, Jason and I will attend the Summit in Kansas City. We are very enthused to be attending this conference and look forward to receiving what the Holy Spirit has waiting for us concerning prevention, intervention, and restoration of human trafficking and its victims.

Modern slavery, or human trafficking, is an issue all around the world. It is creeping into many cultures as the “norm”.  We want to be educated even more in this area. We want to make ourselves available for the Lord to use in this cause. We cry Liberdade for all!  

For more information about the summit please visit exoduscry.com/abolitionsummit

If you would like to know more about the cause, please visit exoduscry.com

If you would like to visit with Jason and I concerning the issue of slavery, please feel free to contact us. We would love to talk and set up a viewing of the movie “Nefarious” for you and your small group or church. This movie is definitely inspired by God and enlightens its viewers to the world of human trafficking and the glory of God. For God is surely a light in this darkness.

John 1:5 “ The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

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I Know That I Know That I Know

Hello friends,

Much has been on my mind lately, and I want to share a bit of it with you. I hope it forms into something that brings glory to the Lord.

My mind has been chewing on the word “favor” for a while now. The Christian culture likes to throw it around for things like good parking spots, cheap tickets, and job promotions. Every time I hear the word, I feel a quickening and my spirit checking out the situation.  I know we have the favor of God in our lives. I know God has great things/plans for us and puts us in strategic places. I also know we should not try to incorporate the favor God has for us into defining worldly goods or ideals.  This internal emotional journey I have been on with this idea of favor brought about a reflection of a time God spoke clearly to me.

It was in 2007 and the Betts family was enjoying a quiet evening at home.  Jason came into the living room and told me, “You need to read Mark chapter 5, I don’t know why, but God just told me to tell you to read this chapter.” I love God, Jason, and reading so I’m in, and I read the scripture.

If you are not familiar with this passage, it is about Jesus driving out demons from a possessed man.  The demons beg Jesus to drive put them in a herd of pigs in the area, and after He drives the demons into the pigs the pigs all go jump off a cliff and die.  (That is the gist. You will have to read Mark Chapter 5 for the full story.)

Back to 2007, I read this passage and I felt in my spirit God telling me that the demons died with the pigs. They were gone, never to come back. They were not going to bother this man again. I knew God was telling me that Jason was His for good. Jason would/will follow the Lord for the rest of his life. The demons are gone, and he will not be pulled away from God again.

Jason looked at me and said “you got all that from this passage?”  Yes, yes I did. It was very clear to me and I know that I know that I know this is what the Lord said.

In the last seven years, we have been through some stuff. Some stuff that God knew was going to happen. Some stuff that would blow your mind, some stuff that a good imagination could not even make up, you know that kind of stuff.  Stuff that Jason needed to lead us through. Hello?!, we are living through stuff that he needs to lead us through. And, I always have this moment to fall back on and focus me. This moment when God spoke directly to my heart and assured me.

Yesterday, during some powerful worship in the truck, God spoke to me and showed me this moment we shared. He showed me that He directs us, He leads us, He loves us, He shares intimate  moments with us….Then it hit me. This is the true favor of God. The steady rock of truth that He is, and the intimate ways He loves us.

To sum it up. God gives us favor with sweet moments spent with Him, and clear knowledge to feel calm and peace when a storm may rage.  True favor brings glory to God.

With a personal testimony, that I am not sure I have shared before (or not with many), God gave me a revelation which pushed me forward into a personal spiritual break through.

Lots of words for “I learned something.” 🙂

I hope this blesses someone. Be strong in what you know God has told you.  Consider it favor to be in His presence.

Thank you Lord.




Filling the Wait

Hi everyone! Yes, we are still here in the wonderful United States. Yes, we really want to be in Brazil. Yes, we are still waiting…..

The wait can be draining. It can be depressing. It can make you question everything you have done and will do. The wait is total preparation. We have been trying to fill our wait period with encouragement, positivity, spiritual growth, new connections, and just good fun at the lake.  I mean we are living at a lake…..

School is out and summer is here.  We have had some friends over to play and fish and cook out.  Yum! I love a good cook out. I plan on having more of that action happening around here. I also need some girl time. People need to pack a floatie and come see me! I am serious!

Some good ole fishing and fellowship.
Some good ole fishing and fellowship.

While waiting, we have visited a church in the middle of nowhere (nowhere to us but actually God’s Glory Tabernacle International in Pineville, MO), just because an event popped up on Facebook. I am not even joking!!  It lead us to hear a powerful testimony of being delivered from satanic worship from Rob Radosti.  We experienced a fire tunnel or prayer tunnel. I had never…and if you have never then you should. You just should. When we visited the church again I had the Holy Spirit overwhelm me to the point of loud crying (talk about embarrassing).

God has placed some fabulous encouragers in our path. Brothers and sisters in Christ who get what we are doing. Who love us and love on us and speak into our lives and our wait period.  We have been blessed to hear of an encounter so deep, this man and his wife were afraid to go to sleep because they didn’t want to wake up with the old baggage back on them. They were freed!!!! Wowsa!  I have goose pimples just typing it. Man, I feel so blessed thinking about it.  I am thankful for all that is happening!

The wait is hard. I won’t lie.  It is hard to answer the questions with “Yes, we are still waiting” and “no, we don’t know”.

However, filling the wait, well let’s just say God has opened our eyes to see the beauty in it.  Pastor How Ie says “Rest and Rejoice in the wait”

So, water balloon fight anyone??


Summer is here when you break out the balloons!
Summer is here when you break out the balloons!