What exactly is missions?

IMG_2298Missions, Missionary, Missional….these words seem so “churchy”, or so “in the bush Africa-y”. At least that is what I used to think. I believe many still do.

Hear is what I have come to realize as we live out doing missions work, being missionaries, and being a member of a missional ministry. It means we live our lives focused on taking the Gospel to people. Meeting them right where they are, showing them Jesus in their environment. Not, expecting them to find our church building.

Whether it is at the grocery store, downtown, or 7 hours down the Amazon River, we want people to meet Jesus. We stop trying to be perfect on Sundays and Wednesdays and remember everyday that Jesus makes us righteous. He qualifies us to reveal Him to others.
That little fact still overwhelms and fascinates me.

He qualifies me to represent Him.

He shines through me, even though I am not perfect. He knows all of my imperfections and all of the areas in my life where I still cling too much to my human nature. He still works through me. He loves me, He loves you, He loves each and every person around you, even those poor unfortunate people that have been hit real hard by this world. He loves them more than any of us could. He wants each and every person restored to their true identity in Him.

So in short, being missional just means we dedicate our lives to showing people Jesus and discipling them right where they are, that they may see themselves as Christ sees them. You can do this anywhere there are people.

Missionaries are still real people. We still work through personal issues. We may battle self-esteem, a temper, depression, or that really bad quality of trying to do it all ourselves. The difference is we keep our focus on reaching people and showing them Jesus.

What does missions, missionary, or missional mean to you?


Love you & God Bless you

Amanda Joy


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