Holidays and Birthdays

Hello everyone! It is a wonderfully hot day here in Manaus. This past week I got a yucky virus! It makes it so much worse when it is already so hot here plus a fever. Thank you everyone for the prayers.

Anyways,  this Sunday is Father’s Day here in Brazil. The theater group which I am in will to be preforming for the dads at church. I am getting excited. It is my first time performing in front of the church.

We are still learning the  holidays here. Mother’s Day was in May right after we had arrived.  Last weekend was Mom’s birthday, and because we now have a vehicle, we enjoyed our journey looking for presents for her. Getting to see what kinds of things they have here that are the same and different is entertaining.

Me and a friend of mine found some earring made out of fish scales. They had also made purses and necklaces. I had no idea that you could make such a thing. Brazilians are so creative and crafty. It is the little things that amaze me!  Many of these ladies have been given the art talent and they use this talent to sell their work. I adore Brazilian art!

The next holiday after Father’s Day is my birthday, October 14th!  We shall see if it is celebrated American style or Brazilian style. Brazilians love their birthdays! They go over the top in the way they tell someone happy birthday, and they way they celebrate. I have seen birthday parties here that are fancier than weddings I have been to in the U.S.  Another thing different for me this year is my birthday will not involve pumpkins, straw, or spook houses.  There is no fall here. I would love to actually have a summer birthday party.

And what about Christmas?! We have started planning on how to enjoy old Christmas traditions here in our new location. For example, we can make hot cocoa and then hole up in our bedroom with the air conditioning turned down low! Hahahaha! I can’t wait to share what we actually come up with during the season.

That is all I got you for you guys!

Love Kenna<3


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