Can you believe it

Can you believe it? We are actually here in Manaus, Brazil. We have been so busy these past few weeks. The house that we have is beautiful. We have been so blessed with everyone here wanting to help us. The Lord always provides for us.

Some amazing things have already happened since we have been here. The other day, a friend of mine was going to take me home from church when we came across a girl walking alone at night. For those of you that do not know walking here alone at day time is not smart. When it comes to night time no one should be walking at all because its not safe. We noticed she looked really tired (I am pretty sure she was a prostitute) We had cake and pop with us from a birthday party we had just been to. We pulled over and shared this with her and visited for a little while. This reminded me that the Lord puts you in the right place at the right time. There are always opportunities in front of us.

For now we are constantly busy getting settled in to our new home  and helping get the apartment behind us ready for missions teams. When we have church services the nights are long!!!  But, we do get in some free time and we have a fun playing games and getting to know our neighbors.  We have gotten to play baseball and soccer and play tag and all that fun stuff.

That’s all for now

te amo ~ love you

Kenna ❤


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