First Mission Trip

Hello! It has been awhile since I have blogged.  I just got back from an amazing journey.  My first missions trip was a success. I went to Tijuana,Mexico March 11th.  I was invited to join Gods’ Glory Tabernacle international on this trip.

While we were in Tijuana we got to do some amazing things. We started the week off with going to the dumps and painting a play set for all the kids and some kids even got to help us. We gave the parents food for their families and prayed over them. There were many who really wanted prayer and we did not let the language difference get in the way of that. Once we were done painting all the kids were home from school and we had kids jumping on us. They were so happy to have people who wanted to give them attention. They aren’t use to getting the attention that they need.

Another amazing thing we did while we were there was going to the orphanage. We woke up early one morning and got a bunch of gifts together. We headed out towards the orphanage to spend the day. The boys were outside playing and climbing on their play ground in their back yard. The boys showed me how to climb up ( since they didn’t have plain stairs) when I finally got up there,five minutes later,   the kids showed me how to slide. They are so use to playing outside they invent new things so it never gets boring. They were working on jumping over a piece of wood and landing on the slide.

The girls were a little more girly which is normal and stayed inside most of the time. We went inside and played with the girls and braided their hair. Then they decided they wanted to do our hair…..very tightly hahaha. They had a little boy Juan who was the cutest thing. We had lunch with the kids and gave them all their gifts and everyone was very happy. They all gave hugs and told us good-bye.

It was nice to be able to love and play with the kids in both the dumps and the orphanage.  This trip was amazing and I can’t wait to see what other journeys God has for me in the future.  That is all I have for now

Love you all,

Kenna ❤


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