Joyful noises

October 9th was a big day for Ellie and I. We had our first day of voice lessons. There was so much that we learned that we never thought about learning. For example, we learned about how to take care of our voices like not to yell and to wear a scarf when it is cold outside. Then we split up and I (Kenna)  went in first and we sang some notes. Our teacher is very fun and teaches great. She wants to help build us up and not tear us down. She wants us to be confident in our own voices. We realize that, growing up in  the missions field,  music is a big part of it.  Being able to worship with a decent voice ( that won’t kill anyone) will help us to be more focused on God and less on how we sound. Taking this class will help both of us and we are both excited to see what will happen and our improvements should make everyone around us happy!

We love you guys,

xoxo Kenna & Ellie


Picture above from_

p.s. This is Jamie Grace one of our favorite singers!


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