No Snow Days

Hey it’s Ellie!

No we have not moved yet. None of us want to be here for winter. Not that we want to leave everybody, it’s that we have been waiting so long and we are ready to go to Brazil.  Also, it is hard here during the winter.  One thing that is kind of cool, we sometimes wake up to a frozen lake.   One thing that is not cool is we do not have snow days from school, because we do not get picked up from a school bus that stinks! So really there is no plus side of getting snow for homeschool. And, as far as homeschool goes, I mean it’s not that fun we do regular subjects just like everyone else. A lot of people always say “oh I want to be home schooled” and I say you are not missing out on anything. Except, maybe sleep. We get to sleep until 8:30 in the morning! Yay!



Ellie ❤


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