Filling the Wait

Hi everyone! Yes, we are still here in the wonderful United States. Yes, we really want to be in Brazil. Yes, we are still waiting…..

The wait can be draining. It can be depressing. It can make you question everything you have done and will do. The wait is total preparation. We have been trying to fill our wait period with encouragement, positivity, spiritual growth, new connections, and just good fun at the lake.  I mean we are living at a lake…..

School is out and summer is here.  We have had some friends over to play and fish and cook out.  Yum! I love a good cook out. I plan on having more of that action happening around here. I also need some girl time. People need to pack a floatie and come see me! I am serious!

Some good ole fishing and fellowship.
Some good ole fishing and fellowship.

While waiting, we have visited a church in the middle of nowhere (nowhere to us but actually God’s Glory Tabernacle International in Pineville, MO), just because an event popped up on Facebook. I am not even joking!!  It lead us to hear a powerful testimony of being delivered from satanic worship from Rob Radosti.  We experienced a fire tunnel or prayer tunnel. I had never…and if you have never then you should. You just should. When we visited the church again I had the Holy Spirit overwhelm me to the point of loud crying (talk about embarrassing).

God has placed some fabulous encouragers in our path. Brothers and sisters in Christ who get what we are doing. Who love us and love on us and speak into our lives and our wait period.  We have been blessed to hear of an encounter so deep, this man and his wife were afraid to go to sleep because they didn’t want to wake up with the old baggage back on them. They were freed!!!! Wowsa!  I have goose pimples just typing it. Man, I feel so blessed thinking about it.  I am thankful for all that is happening!

The wait is hard. I won’t lie.  It is hard to answer the questions with “Yes, we are still waiting” and “no, we don’t know”.

However, filling the wait, well let’s just say God has opened our eyes to see the beauty in it.  Pastor How Ie says “Rest and Rejoice in the wait”

So, water balloon fight anyone??


Summer is here when you break out the balloons!
Summer is here when you break out the balloons!



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