Abornormal? I Think Not

Everyone has pet peeves…. at least a few things that just drive you crazy! There are three things that really bother me. The first would be when people click their pens! Second would be when a song comes on that I really like and Ellie starts talking! Like, are you serious right now? Can you not tell that I am jamming out over here??? Anyways…. and thirdly when someone is going through a hard time in their life, but yet they will not tell anyone.  They just want to keep it to themselves.

I have realized that the things that bother us when others do them are the things that we do and do not notice. ( I like to click my pens!)

For example when people sin… We get caught up in all the wrong that others are doing and the mistakes that they make that we don’t look at our life and what we are doing. We all have sinned! We can not judge people, because yes some sins are smaller than others, but in Gods book they are all still labeled SIN.

The thing is that we don’t like people praying for us, because then it shows that we are not perfect and we are struggling. The truth of that matter is that when there are ten people praying and crying out for you there is more of a chance that change will happen. Don’t take that wrong though, God does hear you every time that you pray. Don’t ever second guess that, but when people are crying out for you because they love you and care for you then God will hear all of them and not just you crying out.

Asking for prayer doesn’t mean that you are crazy or abnormal! It means that you are normal, because everyone has their ups and downs and with God you will make it through it . So remember that when you pray that you are speaking power no matter who you are praying for God is hearing it and understanding that you are crying out to Him.

Te amo



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