God gives everyone gifts in life. Although not everyone realizes their gifts because God gives them to us when we open our minds and use them for the good and not the evil. To be honest I am still not sure what mine is!

There are things I am really good at, and I try to use them for the best every day. For example, talking and listening are two things I am really good at. I am a teenager, so do note that when my mom talks to me there is not much listening involved. However, don’t you just feel amazing when someone comes to talk to you. Not just a ” hey, how are you” kinda talk, but when they pour out whats on their mind to you. They want advice, but most importantly they want someone to just listen to them.

Talking about whats going on in your life is not always bad. You can’t keep all your feelings in forever or you will explode. That is one of the main reasons for this blog. So we can tell you guys about whats on our hearts because there is SO MUCH! When my friends come to me to talk about whats going on in their life I can be more harsh I guess you would say. Some people are like”awe keep trying hang in there it will get better.”  Me on the other hand, well it comes out more like this ” Girl, I understand that you are going through hard times right now, but when you keep feeling sorry for yourself then you will never make it through this! You need to keep telling yourself that God does all things for a reason and keep a smile on your face because it could be way worse than you have it!”

When people are willingly talk to you, then you need to listen not just talk! There are so many people out there that think they can’t tell people about whats going on in their life, because ALL people judge, or they really just don’t like to talk things out. There are 3 types of people out in the world. One is a person who keeps everything to themselves. Another is someone who talks all the time for attention, and the third type are people who want to talk about it and they try to bring it up, but you aren’t paying attention and you don’t notice! Yeah I think I just offended myself, because that is so true and that happens all the time. They trust you and want to tell you, but you are focused on you and don’t take time to listen to them. In their mind they are crying out for help, but are afraid to ask. So when you talk to someone and you see something is off don’t say” Well it’s just a bad day for them” it might be, they also might want to talk about it or it might be something that has been hurting them for a long time and you are just now noticing. Yes I like to talk and listen, but I still have room to grow. I still need to keep working on this also.

Well that’s all I got for now!(:

te amo,

Kenna ❤


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