Patience Please!

Have you ever just wanted to time to pass? Life is good and all, but something needs to happen because its pretty boring? That is my life right now. I am going to be honest here; I hate waiting!

That is one thing that I have had to learn is to be patient and I have been, but a year ago today I was in BRAZIL! That is where I want to be now, right this minute. I knew that I would miss them (my new family of Brazilians), but I thought that things would just fall into place. Don’t get me wrong God is doing great things, but when I left Brazil the 13th of February 2013 no one told me I would have to wait this long. Being back in the United States shows me how much Brazil is also my home. The easiest way to describe it is it’s like being homesick, but missing the people and not the home.

Talking to them makes me feel whole. I am building relationships with them that I never thought that I would ever have with anymore. Together we help one another with problems; for example, my Portuguese. Every now and then I have a freak out moment and don’t know what to do and all I do is pray. Learning a new language is really hard! Knowing that if I don’t study every day, when I get there, I won’t be able to communicate with them. I do not like having a translator at all!!! It makes me feel that I am giving up and not trying. I promised myself that when I get there I will always speak Portuguese by myself. It helps me learn and makes me feel like I am a part of them. You know what I mean? Because, it is hard being the only foreign one there. They can all tell that I am American. So, when I speak in Portuguese it makes me feel like I actually fit in. I have more stories than I will ever have time to share with you guys. One of my favorites though was when I got invited to a girl named Jaq’s birthday party. At first I was a lot confused, because I didn’t know her and she wanted me at her party! I went and was so excited! Everyone talked to me, (don’t let me fool you I was talking like half English, half Spanish, and a little Portuguese) that doesn’t matter though. The point is they wanted to talk to me! They all laugh at my Portuguese (I am still confused about that), but they correct me so at least I am learning.

I know that I will be sad to leave my friends, but I know that I would be broken if I didn’t go back to Brazil. That is why I know that God is calling me and my family to Brazil(: I just need to have patience.

That’s all I have for now!

Te amo,



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