New Things

CHICAGO!!!! A first for me! That trip sure was crazy, too much fun! Well kind of……. the trip itself was not very fun! Actually the trip up there sucked was horrible (12 hrs in the truck)! Getting to see Trevor and family made it all worth it though. We (me and Elise) got to watch Trevor graduate boot camp online which was fun, but it seemed like ages! Then, he was able to come to the hotel and hang out with us all for awhile. It was strange seeing him with no hair, but he was still my handsome brother(:

The next day we woke up and went to the airport and got to hang out with him some more and wait with him while he waited to board that afternoon to leave for California. We spent a good 5 hours with him so that is always nice!(: That day was also Elise’s birthday, and she enjoyed all the fun aspects of the airport; escalators, fast-walks, and she even rode on the little golf cart thing with grandma! When we got to our next hotel in downtown;Dad, Elise and I went out for a walk and got to see downtown Chicago. That was the coldest that I have ever been in my life! Nothing like walking in 18 degree weather and then also have it snowing with wind blowing crazy fast so I had snow in my eyes! At least I can say that I got to walk in down town Chicago!

It was really sad to see all the homeless people everywhere. I have always been soft-hearted when it comes to seeing that kind of stuff. Looking at them breaks my heart. I know that I can not save the world, but it helps me know what kind of person I will be when I get older. I saw one lady, and she was sitting there with her son on her lap and all I wanted to do was cry. How did her life get that bad to where she had no house no money and she couldn’t provide for her little boy? If I could go out and solve every ones problems I would! I pray that one day I will be able to help hurting people and help make them whole again in the Lord, because I want to be a counselor when I grow up.

Well that is all I have right now. Love you all

❤ Kenna


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