Let’s Get Real!

Party at my place! You know what it is like to go camping and you have to drive far to get to anything that you want? Story of my life! Everything that we go do is adventure!

When we got that lovely snow and ice, the cove turned to ice. It looks really cool, so of course,I had to talk mom into letting us go down to the dock. It was pretty amazing….well besides that fact that it was freezing cold outside and you have to walk up a hill to get back home.

Also, my favorite part about living here is we have lady bugs everywhere. They are magical and out of nowhere show up! For example, today when I was doing school a little feller decided to join me on my bowl of apples!!! He was such a race car. he would run around the bowl and then take a break. Yeah, yeah, they say don’t get attached, but I had to name him! His name was Rusty Intelligence. He was really smart!

Anyways haha….. yeah that’s Kenna for you! There is also plenty of bad things about living here!!! I try to just focus on the good things! I would have to say that Skype and Facebook have been my best friends for awhile. I get to talk to all my friends that way! If I am lucky enough I get a phone call! Those always please the heart! It is always sad when your friends want to hang out and I am like” I only live an hour and a half away!” Hopefully before I leave I can have a little going away party or something so I get to see everyone together before I don’t see them for awhile.

Well guys there is my life at this moment!(: I could talk all day, but I try not to bore you guys!

❤ Kenna


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