YAY! Happy New Year! Everyone is making their resolution and trying to keep it! I am not going to lie I have some problems keeping them. So this year I was thinking and thinking……..2014  Is going to be one of the biggest years of my life! BRAZIL is almost here! Now is the point in my life were all I can do is pray. Making this choice to move is not only hard on me, but also my family and friends. That isn’t going to stop me. I can not always please everyone in life, as long as I am pleasing God life is good! Sorry I always get off track….. While in Brazil I want to have a open heart and mind the whole time. I know that with a new language, new culture, new everything, I will have my moments, but I don’t want to ever give up on my mission. Just because I am having a hard time doesn’t mean that I should be selfish and take away others time to learn more about God. I want to be a light and show them love all the time. Also rushing…. No rushing!!!!! I do not…. wait, wait… I will not rush or wish that time goes by faster! If I am there and the whole time I am thinking to myself only 3 more years and counting days down I will not be doing my job good enough. I will be so focused on other things that I will not be focused on my brazilian family. With all that being said…….. I think that my New Years resolution is to not be selfish.

Now for some very serious talk! I love the song “I don’t deserve you” by Plumb,. Have you heard it? If you just thought in your head “I don’t think I have”, be ashamed haha Just Kidding!!! I just love Plumb in general! Her songs are just simply amazing. All of her words in her songs are exactly how I feel with God. She says anything from those moments where you are on the floor crying out, to living a daily life, and having a friendship with God.

Well I got nothing else to say at this moment!(:

❤ Kenna


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