Unity- Our word for 2014

Today I reflect a bit as we end 2013 and begin 2014. This year will be HUGE for us!

Our hope is in you Lord.  2013 has stretched me beyond what I believed was possible, beyond what I could comprehend or even see as feasible….He has taken me “farther than my feet could wander” ~Hillsong United/Oceans. 2014 will be marked right away with Jason and I’s 10th wedding anniversary (Jan 10th); Trevor’s boot camp graduation (Jan 17th), Elise’s 9th birthday (Jan 18th); and our family continuing on God’s magnificent journey for us (God only knows this timeline)……I know it is going to be a powerful year.

I heard it clear as a bell……God has whispered a word to me. “Unity”. I have heard this more than once in the last few weeks, and I feel it in my spirit. Be unified, unite yourself with the Word, be unified under the authority of God; all phrases that I feel. 

Jason and I have both heard this word. Unity. We believe God wants us to dig deeper, stand stronger together, stand firmly in our love for people, be united within our mission to bring hope to the hopeless, and be unified for the kingdom.

Most of the time I think Jason and I are so strong, how could we be stronger…….bonded so tightly I can’t see where he ends and I begin, how can we be tighter… but God says “I need more, need you to be bonded tighter to me and  to each other.”

So I say. Okay Lord. I will dig deeper. Here is my 110% I know You have a plan for us! Unity.



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