Out of This World

Well I know that the last few times that I have been posting it was more of a funny chill talk, but today I want to talk to you about something that has been on my heart a lot here lately.

Being in Brazil and being in their church is so much different than here. There  you walk in and everyone is dancing and praising the Lord . It is not just the kids they have older people doing it too. You hear them screaming and shouting out for God. I was so shocked. I was starring at them and saying to myself “I want that”.  Not only do I want that I need that! I want to be so focused on God that nothing else is on my mind while I am in church.

I walked away from services that night so confused! I really don’t even know what I was thinking. It was somewhere between “uh man these people needed Jesus tonight!” and “I think I could get use to  this!” When we went to church camp in Brazil words can not explain my feelings.  They do not act like this only at church, but they are always like this!  Everyone hangs out with everyone. They are a true family of brothers and sisters loving God.  I LOVE IT! They are removed from the world and in the Word.  Loving Jesus is a lifestyle not a Sunday /Wednesday occasion. This is what my heart is hungry for, to be in the Word and not the World.

Building His kingdom here on earth happens everywhere, but I experienced it in a real way in Brazil. I am so happy to be moving there!

❤ Kenna


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