Flying Solo

For thanksgiving I went to visit my dad in Dallas, Texas. I had to fly alone.  I’m not going to lie I was freaking out a little. Mom to walked me back to my gate because I’m a minor. I got on the plane and I was a little scared, because I was close to the last person boarded and I didn’t want to have to sit between two crazy people. I mean I am crazy, but you know what I mean.

I was going  down the isle when an older lady scooted over next to her husband and told me I could sit next to her. I thought I was going to sit down and just listen to music and chill, it was only a 45 minute trip. I was so wrong! This lady asked me thousands of questions and I told her about us moving. She was very excited because her son is a missionary. Then she kept telling me that I was just like her granddaughter, but then she would ask me “what is my granddaughters name?” haha I had to laugh! I do not know! I have never met her.

I landed and everything was good. I stayed there for a week and then had to leave that Sunday Morning. Dallas Loveland Airport talk about crazy! I got up at 5am and got my ticket at 6:00. I was almost done with security when of course, my luck, they think I have explosive residue on my hands. They ask me all kinds of questions and I am like “It is lotion… I have lotion on my hands.” Then she does a test and comes out and says “oh I am sorry I don’t know what happened!” I was like, whatever, lets go get something to eat. Then we got food and start walking to my gate………. with my luck we all know how this ends. Okay not that bad, the plane didn’t leave me, but everyone was already boarded! haha It was definitely an experience!

❤ Kenna


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