I Have Never Been a Friday Person

Fridays are a life line. Who knew? Well the Navy knew. And apparently all these cool moms on N4M (Navy for Moms) knew.

I have never allowed my life to revolve around Fridays like most of the population. I just thought what a dull thing to do. Everyday is amazing and I don’t want to dread the work week and be sad on Sunday nights, so I will not be wrapped around Fridays…that is until my son left for Navy Boot Camp.

9 Fridays. 9 Fridays in Boot Camp.

I will live for Fridays for 2 months and be so stinkin’ proud to do it! Heck, I may even embrace Hump Day to get me through to the next Friday. Watch out Camel here I come!

My oldest has flown the coup, I have no communication with him right now. Every second I breath, I am wondering what he is doing or how he is doing. I fall asleep praying for him and I wake up praying for him. I never cried when my children went to kindergarten, but geesh, I feel like I have been kicked in the gut and tossed off a cliff. Just free-falling out here.

So, to reel me in, to keep me attached to the world around me. I will gladly live for Fridays.  Just 8 more Fridays until I see my handsome son and hug him and know he is okay.

Long Live Fridays!!


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