Call it off: Stop searching for your mission.- Re-blog

The topic of searching for your mission comes up frequently these days when we visit with people about the vision God has given us.  I am sometimes at a loss for words when people tell me they are not sure where God wants them yet…they are still looking and waiting to hear what He has in store for them.  I recently ran across a wonderful response on a blog post by CANNOT CONTAIN.

I finally gave up.  After twenty years of searching for my mission, I threw in the towel.  And today I’m going to ask you to do the same.  Stop searching for your mission.  I know where it is.

It’s not out there.  It’s not in the books you’ve been reading.  The podcasts you’ve been listening to.  It’s not even in the Bible.  It’s not at church.  It’s not at the next mission trip that you really are going to go on this time.  It’s not in this blog. read more

I enjoyed the read. I hope you do too.


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