Winter Wonders



Today I was walking around in our chilly fall weather. Now let me be honest with you here….. I’m not really a winter kind of girl, But, I am also not a blazing hot kind of girl. This is the first year that I have actually been grateful about our winter we are about to experience.

Anyway back to where I started, I’m outside thinking ” WHO  KNOWS WHEN I’M GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER WINTER!” Well, we all know that Kenna is dramatic, but seriously heat all the time! I think I am going to sweat to death or come back looking like a skeleton. How in the world am I going to stay cool? Even the Brazilians think it’s hot and they are use to it! So, here are some ideas I have come up with to stay cool!

1. stick ice in my pockets…… then they melt and it keeps me cool, but I look like a two year old that spills everything!

2. I Could go buy an extra long wash cloth and get it wet and tie it like a headband? Ha ha! Now that would be awesome! okay next!

3. Stick my head in everyone’s fridge. They would think I am more of a freak than I already am!

4. When I’m in the village and on the river I can go swimming and pray that nothing eats me and that I don’t get sick.

Mmm. Sounds like some pretty awesome ideas I have here.  😛  

Now you guys know how this 15 year-old thinks about keeping cool.(alot these days)

❤ Kenna


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