Homeschooling is Terrible Someone Get Me Out!!!!

Well hello folks! Oh, where do I begin? Let’s see….. I have been doing this homeschooling thing for about seven weeks. I always thought kids who were home-schooled had it easy. They get to sleep in and work for about three hours and take breaks whenever and wherever they wanted. Well they are all liars! That is not how it works at all! We at least not at the Betts house. We wake up around 8:00 sometimes if mom feels like we are her favorite kids (Which means she over slept) we get to sleep until 9:00. Then we get ready for the day! Are you hearing this? I am home-schooled and she makes me change into clothes that aren’t my pajamas! I have four classes a day….. I know you’re thinking Kenna stop complaining you have four classes a day! Well on one day I have Bible, Science, Portuguese and Algebra 1 and on the other I have History, Language Arts, Health, and PE.  Mom gives me an hour and a half to do my work in each class. I know, I know, and hour and a half is a long time. Well, not when you have usually 10 to 16 pages and get whatever I don’t have done by then is homework! I guess she doesn’t understand it is all homework?  It is work done in the home… um…. that means it is homework. Image

On the plus side, I try and talk her into letting me into doing my “home”work in my (hammock). And psh! All you have to do is tell her that you love her it works every time! It helps me think, I get to sit there and it’s like the world stops, and it makes me so excited for Brazil! No need for a bed I will have thousands of hammocks in my room so when people come over everyone can pick which one they want. Well thanks for letting me get all my complaining out! (:

❤ Kenna


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