I am TEFL Certified!

Whew! I am finally finished with the TEFL certification.  I feel a little overwhelmed with information that I have crammed into my head, but I am very glad to be done with the class. As always, Jason was very supportive of my class and I really couldn’t have finished it without him pushing me (sometimes lovingly and sometimes not as much 😉 )

This is another step forward in this journey we are on with God.


On another note, we have one more week left in our house and then we are on to living in the camper!

Here is the camper we will be staying in.  It will be home sweet home for a few months.


Please continue to pray for us as make this move.  I find myself crying over weird things like coffee mugs that we sold, because of course I had dear memories attached to them like feeding my kids soup and individual desserts in them….really?!?! I just astound myself sometimes.  I bounce back and forth between feeling free from the world and all the STUFF that we had accumulated to wanting to crawl into a fetal position because I sold the bowls, made soup, and we had to eat it out of food storage containers! HA!  I crave sweets, and I am pretty sure Jason thinks I have another voice in my head some nights when NOTHING I say makes sense.

That is the real scoop folks. I am not gonna lie, some days it is not pretty.

But, most days are filled with wonder and awe that this little family we have is so strong. That my little 8 year-old gets having faith in a God she can’t see and can tell you all about miracles. Some days nothing even seems real, and some days God speaks so clearly I feel like a heel for even doubting.

Have a great weekend everyone. I get to go pick up my Kenna Joy on Saturday. I just want to hug her neck!


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