Homeschooling Rocks!

Yeah, homeschooling rocks!

I am shooting for a positive attitude here folks.  Stand with us or lay down and try not to get stepped on, because we have ordered our home school curriculum and have formally withdrawn from the public school system.

We have filled our school caddy with pens and flashcards…….and even though I have told her we do not need to …we may have to put Elise’s name on her books, box, and pretty much EVERYTHING related to school. Old habits die hard people, and she has been in the public school system for 3 years!!  Just wait, she will request a new outfit and her picture taken on the first day.  😉

I may oblige on the picture part, but surely there has to be a perk to homeschooling for me. I have been clinging to the idea of the back to school shopping event being cleared completely from my slate.  Please do not take this from me!  I may curl up in the fetal position and make screeching noises if someone suggests this event should take place.

So back to home school rocking…  Stay tuned for the latest updates on that adventure.  We will start the first week of September.

Right now we are still packing, sorting, and selling.  August 31st is getting closer. We will be out of the house and into the camper by then.  Whew….it is moving at a rapid speed now!


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