Selling My Bed= Terrible

I always thought that when the day came (selling my bed) it would be so amazing. About two weeks ago, we sold it and let me tell you something the word to describe it is NOT amazing!  It can be described as terrible.  I am sleeping on an air mattress, and I wish it were a rede (hammock).  It keeps losing air.  I have to share it with Elise. Elise is a bed hog!  But, this process is not all bad.

There are so many positives about getting ready to move. For example, it’s so easy to find everything! Also, it is so easy to keep the house clean. My Portuguese gets better and better every day.

Don’t get me wrong there are also negatives. Like My house is empty and I have my days that I get scared because I know I will miss the U.S. and our culture. But, the thing that really keeps me going is knowing that soon I will be with my Brazilian family. Every day the house gets emptier, but that means moving time gets closer and closer!



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