Piles and Mounds and Totes

We are going through stuff again today.  Our goal is to be moved out of our house by the end of August and into our 24ft camper trailer.  So as we get ready for a yard sale and go through our belongings, I have piles of stuff everywhere!!  I have totes full of items I may keep and totes overflowing with items to be sold.  During this process mounds of trash accumulates….let’s just say when Jason comes home from work and asks “what did you do today?”, my response has become “make a mess!” 🙂 Right now I have Kenna  and Sausha Mae (our neighborhood extra daughter) doing heaving lifting by moving the totes!

As I look around and our large pieces of furniture begin to disappear, I can only see piles and mounds and totes!

The most amazing thing about this entire process is that as we go through more and get rid of more, I feel as if we are freeing ourselves from the world!  I love it!


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