Thinking Like a Champ!

Thinking……. that can be scary! Me and mom have a conversation a lot and it goes like this Me: “Mom I have been thinking!”  Mom: “Well that can be scary!”

I have so much that has been on my mind lately. Honestly, Portuguese is up there, for some reason that is always running in my mind.  Almost everyday I talk to a friend from Brazil and I don’t use Google translate very much anymore. First of all, don’t be thinking I am perfect in my Portuguese, because I am not and I still have much to learn.

Another thing that I think of all the time is of course getting the heck out of this place! Don’t take it personal.  Yes, I love you all and you are great, but “Hello?!”  I got places to be and people to see.  We are running on Jesus’ time though.  Every day here in the United States is great, because we know that we are one day closer to leaving. It is great that we have been here able to see people longer than we have expected. People always preach about going out and teaching the world about God and we will, but they have taught me and will teach us so much while we are there.  I am still young and still have much to learn, but when it comes to God we all have more that we can learn.

I guess what I really want to say is that when you think,  don’t think of all the negatives.  I could do that every day, because there is so much to be scared or worried about;  I am leaving all my family and friends, I am going somewhere that I will have to learn a new language, their culture is very different from ours.  But really,  there is no need to think about the negatives, just focus on the positives!  There is so much good.  God is Good! I will grow as a young person and as a christian. I will be bi-lingual. I will have my mind opened to other cultures and learn there are many correct ways to do things, not just one.

We don’t need to let our minds hold us back.  There is good in everything that we do. God is  in everything we do(:

We need to think like champs!


Philippians 4:8:Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent  or praiseworthy-think about such things.


Te amo,



Say What?

God gives everyone gifts in life. Although not everyone realizes their gifts because God gives them to us when we open our minds and use them for the good and not the evil. To be honest I am still not sure what mine is!

There are things I am really good at, and I try to use them for the best every day. For example, talking and listening are two things I am really good at. I am a teenager, so do note that when my mom talks to me there is not much listening involved. However, don’t you just feel amazing when someone comes to talk to you. Not just a ” hey, how are you” kinda talk, but when they pour out whats on their mind to you. They want advice, but most importantly they want someone to just listen to them.

Talking about whats going on in your life is not always bad. You can’t keep all your feelings in forever or you will explode. That is one of the main reasons for this blog. So we can tell you guys about whats on our hearts because there is SO MUCH! When my friends come to me to talk about whats going on in their life I can be more harsh I guess you would say. Some people are like”awe keep trying hang in there it will get better.”  Me on the other hand, well it comes out more like this ” Girl, I understand that you are going through hard times right now, but when you keep feeling sorry for yourself then you will never make it through this! You need to keep telling yourself that God does all things for a reason and keep a smile on your face because it could be way worse than you have it!”

When people are willingly talk to you, then you need to listen not just talk! There are so many people out there that think they can’t tell people about whats going on in their life, because ALL people judge, or they really just don’t like to talk things out. There are 3 types of people out in the world. One is a person who keeps everything to themselves. Another is someone who talks all the time for attention, and the third type are people who want to talk about it and they try to bring it up, but you aren’t paying attention and you don’t notice! Yeah I think I just offended myself, because that is so true and that happens all the time. They trust you and want to tell you, but you are focused on you and don’t take time to listen to them. In their mind they are crying out for help, but are afraid to ask. So when you talk to someone and you see something is off don’t say” Well it’s just a bad day for them” it might be, they also might want to talk about it or it might be something that has been hurting them for a long time and you are just now noticing. Yes I like to talk and listen, but I still have room to grow. I still need to keep working on this also.

Well that’s all I got for now!(:

te amo,

Kenna <3

Made with Love

As we wait in anticipation for the big move to Brazil, I obviously have a lot on my mind.  People ask me about being scared of the spiders and snakes and crime…not so much..maybe a little, but I am mostly wondering what am I going to cook!?!

Seriously, let me share something with you. I am not a good cook. Not even an okay cook. Jason was a firefighter when we married and I thought, “yay me he cooks!”  I hate to cook, and I am not sure if I hate to cook because I am no good at it, or I am no good at it because I hate to cook. Hmmm.

I had high hopes of mastering certain foods and lovingly preparing melt in your mouth meals for my family, but at 37 years-old I am over it.  I had someone tell me once we should eat to live, not live to eat. I won’t lie. I grabbed a tight hold onto that motto and used it to justify my lack of interest in culinary affairs. Still do!  But, let’s face it we have to eat, and someone has to cook.

Back to my dilemma. Are you following me? I am not a good cook. If I am not a good cook here in the United States where I can read labels and am somewhat familiar with the produce section of the local grocery store, pray tell, what will I do in Brazil?  So, this has been on my mind. Are you catching a pattern here? What to do? I suppose I will do there exactly what I have been doing here. Make it with love.

Last week as my 9 year-old served up her fried eggs, she declared them to be “made with love.”  This is a very familiar saying in our home.  You see, even though I am not a chef per say, I want my family to know that I do want to feed them well.  I always thank them for sharing the meal with me, and often tell them as I pass food around the table, or out at snack time, that it was “made with love.” Sometimes it is a big joke because something was burnt or raw….but it was made with love!!  Hahaha!

Today as I was having to do laundry at the laundry mat on a beautiful sunshiny day (which is a whole different story) I was pondering on the verse Colossians 3:23 23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,” (NIV) 

I realized that my cooking is an example of doing something (even if you hate to do it) as if I am working for the Lord. I do have areas to grow and learn in, but I am a Proverbs 31 women who provides food for her family!!  Even in another country I will work at it with all my heart, and it will be made with love.

What is your “hate to do, but do anyway with love” thing?

Ending It

This morning when I got up we sat as a family and talked about slavery. Yesterday was the end it movement. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is when people put a red X on their hand, or shirt, or whatever they can. It shows that we are spreading the word so people will know about it and help stop it. 27 million people are still in slavery or being trafficked.

When we started talking about it they questioned me and asked me if I really knew what slavery was. I proceed to tell them what I knew and they opened my eyes to more of what goes on.  I know I am only fifteen years old, but now when I hear about slavery it makes me want to do anything and everything to find those people and help set them free.

I know what the Lord has called me to do and I will be helping these kids have a bright future. You may be now wondering what I will do when I grow up. It is funny to say when I grow up, because I am going to be an adult in 2 years and 8 months! Sorry off track there, but I want to travel to Africa and start and orphanage. I want to take in children so that they are not abducted and forced into slavery. I want to help give each and every child without a family a bright future and education.

I know there is a lot of slavery going on in Brazil, America, Europe…right in your own backyard that many people don’t know about. The world is so focused on themselves and the good things we have that they don’t realize all the bad going on. I think about these people bonded in slavery (aw that is so sad that this happens to them and they can’t help it.)It is very heart breaking knowing that sometimes people think that their life is going to change for the better, but really that person is being lied to and they will end up in slavery.

I don’t know what kind of person would want to ruin someones life.

Well that is what I have on my heart for now.

Te amo,

Kenna <3

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For additional information on slavery today check out these other links.  Be aware of what is happening and what YOU can do.

Uncomfortably Held

holding baby (290x174)


Uncomfortably held…yes, that describes exactly what I felt a few weeks ago when Jason was in the hospital for a kidney stone that was causing blockage in his ureter; It is what I felt this morning as we discussed the problems our car has been having; It is what I feel when I dwell on when we will be leaving for Brazil; let’s face it, it is how I feel almost every second these days….if I allow it.

Jason was in the hospital and as I drove back to our humble abode to grab some clothes and take the girls to visit Daddy, I picked up the phone to call a close friend and vent. It went something like this. “I know God has this, and we are blessed  to have the great care of the hospital, and are fortunate that we have insurance, and Jason’s job has sick leave. I know God is holding me, but at this moment I feel uncomfortably held, like a baby being held backward on a hip with my arms and legs flailing….and I just want to be in the fetal position.. ”  

When I got off the phone I starting talking with God again and I said “God I do feel uncomfortably held, why do I feel this way? I trust You, I seek You, I pray!!!” Then He gave me an image of what babies do when they are held backward on a hip. Have you ever had a baby throw their head back and bang you in the mouth with their head while they wrestle free of your grip? Or have you ever moved a baby to that position because they were not comfortable in the forward facing position? Or have you ever experienced a baby just lay back and rest against you? Yeah, that’s the best feeling.

So here lie my choices…I can buck, or I can lean back, because He IS holding me. I choose to lean back and held perfectly by His righteous right hand.

 “So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 NIV

I just had to write all that down. 

Blessing to you all!