Joyful noises

October 9th was a big day for Ellie and I. We had our first day of voice lessons. There was so much that we learned that we never thought about learning. For example, we learned about how to take care of our voices like not to yell and to wear a scarf when it is cold outside. Then we split up and I (Kenna)  went in first and we sang some notes. Our teacher is very fun and teaches great. She wants to help build us up and not tear us down. She wants us to be confident in our own voices. We realize that, growing up in  the missions field,  music is a big part of it.  Being able to worship with a decent voice ( that won’t kill anyone) will help us to be more focused on God and less on how we sound. Taking this class will help both of us and we are both excited to see what will happen and our improvements should make everyone around us happy!

We love you guys,

xoxo Kenna & Ellie


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p.s. This is Jamie Grace one of our favorite singers!

Fallin’ for Fall

October is finally here! I am so excited for this month to finally be here. I would have to say October is my favorite month of the year. The leaves are starting to change colors and fall to the ground. The weather is starting to cool down but not to where it is too cold. Then, there is always harvest parties, festivals, corn mazes, hot cocoa, and chances to wear costumes.  I really enjoy getting together with friends and family and dressing up. It is a time of year that memories are always made. I think I will definitely enjoy this one before we go to Brazil and don’t do it anymore.  Lastly, lets be real my BIRTHDAY is in October! That would be the most exciting part. I can not believe I am going to be 16 in 4 days! My Sweet 16!  I am so happy that I get to be here to take my driving  test.  If I get that, I will enjoy driving here in the USA before I go to Brazil and can’t drive at all……..

Well that is all I got for now!

Love you,


No Snow Days

Hey it’s Ellie!

No we have not moved yet. None of us want to be here for winter. Not that we want to leave everybody, it’s that we have been waiting so long and we are ready to go to Brazil.  Also, it is hard here during the winter.  One thing that is kind of cool, we sometimes wake up to a frozen lake.   One thing that is not cool is we do not have snow days from school, because we do not get picked up from a school bus that stinks! So really there is no plus side of getting snow for homeschool. And, as far as homeschool goes, I mean it’s not that fun we do regular subjects just like everyone else. A lot of people always say “oh I want to be home schooled” and I say you are not missing out on anything. Except, maybe sleep. We get to sleep until 8:30 in the morning! Yay!



Ellie <3

Allergies and Alphabet

Hello! These past two days I have been sick( Which is not so fun). Hopefully in Brasil I have no allergies. That would make my life simply amazing. Speaking of Brazil, Ellie and I learned our Portuguese alphabet which is pretty exciting stuff. Okay well, not the learning it  part. Mom made us say it over and over and over and finally we said it all correct, and then she made us say it one more time for good measures haha. Other than that there is nothing else new. Just school and Portuguese and trying to feel better at the moment. I hope you all are doing great!

<3 Kenna

The Portuguese Rapper

We all know that one crazy person who likes to sing all the time. Not just here and there, but they always find something to sing about or some kind of song to fit the mood. Okay, maybe we don’t all have that friend, but I have that sister! Ellie can find anything and everything to sing about. Doing some dishes turns out to be a number one hit around here! haha! She is a mess.

I always told myself  I would never be that person who sings ALL the time about the stupidest stuff. Well, never did I know I am that person now…. With me studying Portuguese all the time I am always finding a word that is just so fun to say! For example here lately it has been abacaxi (pineapple) and frango (chicken). Yes I know, laugh it up, my favorite words are foods.

They just come out so awesome, I can’t help but say them all the time. The other day we were sitting here doing school work everything was going normal ( well as normal as it gets around here) when I decided it is necessary to rap some Portuguese words. I was telling mom that when I rap in Portuguese it sounds so legit like I am saying some serious stuff! haha! I crack myself up.  Eu comer frango e ABACAXI tudo dia! ( I eat chicken and pineapple all day). I never knew learning another language would be this much fun. Well that’s whats new in my life. (:

<3 Kenna